Forgiveness and Emotional Healing Follow-up

Last week as I was working on the Forgiveness and Emotional Healing post I had some distraction by inappropriate thoughts. Sunday morning two light-beings came and because they seemed light, I accepted them. But they were two demons who caused me injury both physically and spiritually with the goal of getting me off focus on Jesus. I followed them a short ways until I realized what they were doing and I was devastated. Initially I was completely silent in shock. Then I thought of how hurt my Bridegroom must be and I was overcome with grief and shame. By afternoon I knew I must command the demons to flee and to my surprise the Towering Inferno, Holy Spirit, drove them away in fury. He quickly covered me with His cloak and comforted me. Abba had come, too, and my precious Jesus. They cared for me compassionately and stayed within reach (for I care much for touch).

I have known what it is to be comforted after making a bad choice in the past but this time the attack was far more vicious. And the comfort was far more immediate and supportive. Nevertheless, I was so grieved with my poor discernment that I wept until there were no more tears, then wept some more. At last I knew I needed to open my heart to receive the love and comfort and healing Abba was offering. At no time did He offer even a hint of blame. Just love and comfort. By Monday afternoon I had taken into myself the oil of joy for mourning and had slipped on the garment of praise for my spirit of heaviness.

In these days, the spiritual battle is far more savage than in the past. I am not one to shy away from a battle with the spiritual enemy but I don’t remember ever being physically attacked before, although I’ve heard stories. My grandfather told of being attacked in the night and all he could do was cry out, “Jesus”. At the name of Jesus the attackers fled.

My relationship with my heavenly Father, His Son and the gentle Holy Spirit is the most precious relationship of my life. He saturates my being and pools  around me. In His passion for me, He gave everything He had, with intense suffering. In return, He wants everything I am and everything I have as a fair exchange. From the earliest time I can remember, at five years of age, I embraced God as my Father and understood that He was not the same as my earthly father. My life’s hunger and thirst for God has been all-consuming as in Matthew 11:12 “The violent take the Kingdom by force.” That is Joyce. While there are others who have suffered more in life than I have, my desire for Father God has been overwhelming. (Please see my About and first post) The spirit of Death that drove me, drove me right into my Father’s arms and that’s where I will go to Heaven from.

When the Angel of the Lord greeted Gideon with, “Hail, O mighty man of valor,” Gideon took the time to explain that he was the least of his father’s tribe and his father’s tribe was the least in Manasseh. But the Angel didn’t smile. He was serious. So, when you hear Abba say, “I greet you, O mighty woman/man of courage,” He is not smiling. He is serious.

I Corinthians 1:27-28 For God selected – deliberately chose – what in the world is foolish to put to the wise to shame, and what the world calls weak to put the strong to shame, And God also selected – deliberately chose –  what in the world is lowborn and insignificant and branded and treated with contempt, even the things that are nothing, that He might depose and bring to nothing the things that are…..

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