Continued Journey toward Emotional Healing

My journey to emotional healing has been long and relatively unfruitful until recently. But with the advent of on-line Christian blogs, and Christian ministries putting their materials on-line, I have eagerly taken advantage of these rich opportunities to kneel before the Father and Creator of all things for deep healing that only He can do. Only He knows a person’s life from before conception to the present moment – and loves that person as they were created to be loved, for He is Love.

On the Mat Evans blog site I found a reference to Restoration in Christ Ministries. Their articles are offered free and I found one entitled Prenatal Healing Process (updated 04-24-2016). Recall that on my first post I mentioned memories of being in Heaven before conception and my memories before birth, in my mother’s womb. This article was shocking to me. I had no idea that others might have similar memories and experiences.

The severity of my wounding is comparable to Satanic Ritual Abuse, the primary difference being that the abuse and wounding of those not in Satanic rituals do not have the programming of SRA. Thank goodness for that! It was painful to read about the hostile environment of my mother’s womb. I tended to focus on that and had to ask Abba Father to help me cancel my mother’s debt and move on past that into His taking my griefs and sorrows. I could feel increasing lightness as I prayed through the material. Presently I am praying through renunciations and am experiencing definite deliverances from things I had no idea were in my ancestry. What a revelation! The garment of praise is not just a phrase in Isaiah 61, it is a reality, and I am enjoying what I could never have imagined – a need for Love being met in Love Himself. Overflowing Love. Love that saturates my being and pools on the ground around me. A relationship of intimacy that defies description.

There are bloggers who are willing to pray for you if you will contact them. Most are not professionals but they have been through the process and know how to help. I, also, am willing to help with counsel and prayer. It’s possible to work through emotional healing with the materials mentioned here and the Holy Spirit’s guidance, depending on your maturity and confidence in the heavenly Father. It’s well worth the effort. The Praying Medic has podcasts and books that are helpful. Both the Praying Medic and Matt Evans encourage addressing painful emotions rather than the long drawn-out process of reliving memories. They provide Scriptures to keep you from getting into error. Remember: forgiveness is the key.  How to pray for/minister to fragmented persons.  Prenatal Healing Process  All articles on this site are free for download.

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