Yearning II

Codependency is definitely not a life-time weakness as you may think. As I’ve pointed out in Yearning I, co-dependency exists because the deepest need within is not being met. Every human is created with a need for Love that only the Source of LOVE can fill. I have given various post references of bloggers and web site links of ministries to victims of SRA (satanic ritual abuse) and DID (multiple personalities) that I’ve learned to trust as teachers. Go back and write them down or bookmark them. Some sites urge that another person needs to be present when you read through the renunciations aloud, but I have no one to help me, so I read out loud to myself, and the precious, sweet Holy Spirit witnesses my earnest statements. By all means, do work at your deliverance and growth alone if there is nobody to help you.

Recently I took a week to travel and when I came home I felt so depleted. Before the journey I had luxuriated in Abba’s glorious Presence and felt the need to test my progress, so I asked Him for a test. When I told a friend, she was startled. Weren’t you afraid to do that? No, I trust Him to not hurt me; He loves me, was my response.

While traveling I was keenly aware of the Holy Spirit surrounding me with Himself, protecting me as travel turned stressful. He is so humble and gentle, yet absolutely stunning in His power and majesty. Now at home, sitting in His pure and holy Presence, I can only weep in brokenness and hunger and awe – all at the same time. He is overwhelming but I refuse to ask Him to back off even a little. Instead, I ask that my vessel be expanded to hold more and more and more of Him. His realm is so vast, I have no fear that His resources will be depleted. Everything He is and everything He has is available to me, so I refuse to be distracted from His beauty, His ravishing beauty.



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