In the past several weeks I have been adjusting to an integrated personality. My spirit is so hungry to know Jesus and Abba more deeply so I have been seeking Him insistently. Also, I have met the Holy Spirit as I mentioned in an earlier post, when a couple of demons attempted to harm me. The Holy Spirit was prompt and powerful, like a blinding flash of Light, to drive off the evil ones. And all three of the Triune God came to gently comfort and heal me. After having had joy and laughter with Abba and Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit put a strong feeling of respect into my heart. He is an untamed, fierce spirit in protecting His own, but oh, so gentle with the Blood-bought ones.

Now I am getting acquainted with the precious Holy Spirit in an intimate walk I can only describe as awesome. Words fail me.  He doesn’t use words when we talk but I understand Him. Because I am isolated from family and friends, I talk aloud to Him and  His responses are thoughts or impressions. When I act in faith on what I believe I’ve heard, He is quick to affirm me.

I am learning to be lucid at night since I am getting some dreams that are mixed with interference from the evil one. For example, in one dream I was frustrated because I couldn’t find my ministry. That’s funny, I thought. Why would I be seeking and not finding a ministry? After some thoughtful prayer, I realized that I do indeed have a strong ministry of intercession and have had for a long time. So I asked the Holy Spirit to stay close by to protect me while I slept. I remember walking a woodsy path arm in arm with Him when in an instant He chopped off the head of a good-sized snake. I didn’t even have time to gasp! We walked on through the night and I was secure on His arm as we communed together.

The next morning I was tired from being semi-awake during the night, but all day I was silent, thinking about the snake. After prayer for help interpreting, I understood that the snake represented deception and cunning, and I had experienced a soverign deliverance! I knew that was true because I remember as a child using clever words to confuse my earthly father when he was aggressive with me. I have often prayed Psalm 90:8 but didn’t realize I was dealing with an evil spirit.

The second day after the night-time deliverance, after I had fully explored the event, I became so elated and filled with joy that I could hardly contain. I danced before the Throne in my garment of praise, and sang continuously. That second night the Holy Spirit brought me into the Throne Room and to the foot of the throne where I stood with my head down in unworthiness. But the sweet Holy Spirit urged me to ascend the throne to sit on Abba’s lap, so very hesitantly I did. He bent over me eagerly, passionately, and I could see the Light of Love in His beautiful eyes.

Then He lifted me over the arm of His throne to His Son, my Jesus, who drew me into His lap and began to kiss me earnestly. His kisses weren’t shy; they were possessive, and my heart reached out eagerly. His touch was like electricity, but He knew that as long as I was in my body I could absorb only so much, so I trusted Him and refused to draw back. What a difference that deliverance made in our intimacy. And it was soverign – without my asking but with my deepest desire to be free of all bondages and hindrances. He knew. I had heard  about such deliverances and have now experienced His amazing intervention. He is as near as my breath. Precious Holy Spirit.

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