A Dream

I awoke early one morning with this dream. I was walking through a park and two of my female ancestors were walking together behind me. I was carrying a ketchup bottle,  anointing trees and benches. My two ancestors had a plastic bag with ketchup from my bottle and were also anointing objects here and there.  A large yellow public bus turned down the street we were walking on, so I quickly turned up a sidewalk leading to a modern office building, hiding the ketchup bottle in my coat. Thinking the bus had time to pass, I turned to exit the building and noticed it had turned to rubble. As I walked out, the dim outline of a dead lioness caught my eye in the debris. Outside, the day had turned gray and my two ancestors had disappeared.

I knew this dream had significance, but just what I did not know, so I asked Abba to tell me. Ketchup could represent fake anointing or a religious spirit from earlier in my adult life. I was surrounded with religious traditions and tried to please by showing religious piety.

It seemed that the two ancestors were meant to be real and sure enough, Abba began to tell me that they had participated in stealing my birthright as the eldest in my family. Being the family genealogist I knew exactly what Father was telling me about the older  ancestor but had never thought about those implications beyond her unjust actions toward my earthly father. What she did to my dad definitely effected my life, too, although I hadn’t considered that. So, quickly, I forgave her and canceled her debt. Then I asked for restoration of my rightful blessing.

The other individual had denied me part of my birthright in a more direct way. I remembered her unkind remarks but, again I had forgiven her. I hadn’t considered the implications of her choices and asked Father to restore what had been stolen.

So the precious Holy Spirit came to heal woundedness I had encountered as an adult. All He had taken me through up to this point had been wounds from childhood. As I conversed with Abba I asked if I could speak to the lioness and He and the Holy Spirit were pleased that I thought to ask. I commanded the lioness to rise and be healed. She stood up and gave herself a good shaking to get rid of the rubble and dust. Then she walked out of the ruined building casually as if nothing had taken place there at all.

I had to ask for help in understanding what the bus stood for and its bright yellow color. I was told that the bus represented a coming high quality ministry and yellow represented Hope. That wasn’t a complete surprise, for I had sensed a new opportunity looming on the horizon, but the time and place will be Abba’s choosing. Meanwhile, He has placed me in my Bridegroom’s lap to learn how to rest, to be still, and listen. Not an easy lesson for one so busy all the time with one project or another. But I’m finding that stillness is a lesson of its own, bringing that deeper submission and intimacy I have yearned for.


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