Helpful Resources for Healing

At the bottom of this post I have listed some resources to help anyone who needs healing of both physical and emotional wounds. My own healing has been miraculous and my relationship with God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit is amazing because of their purity and trustworthiness. They are so tender and compassionate. I never imagined I would be able to talk to them and ask questions or hear their answers clearly as I do. As a  former DID I cannot get enough of their overwhelming love and I press into them daily – passionately. What an indescribable privilege to be held in Jesus’ arms while going to sleep at night, or chatting with the Holy Spirit while on my morning exercise walks.

The triune God loves me possessively and defends me fiercely when evil entities come around. Having never felt that I belonged to anyone, the love and watchful care of the Holy Spirit makes me feel so secure and wanted. The experience I had with disrobing and receiving the Robe of Righteousness was definitive in healing wounds of rejection and an orphan spirit. See previous post: APRIL 23, 2017 / JOYCE’S JOURNEY

My whole outlook has changed and my personality is no longer bristly. Residents here in my building have noticed the change from a stern face to one with smiles and a greeting. One of my two sisters has commented on the changes in my attitudes.

One change has been an understanding that my body is sacred to my Lord the Creator. When I was growing up my family was poor. People gave my mother large boxes of clothing for us children. While my sisters resented wearing hand-me-downs, I didn’t care. Mom and Dad  had five children to feed, clothe, and keep clean so Mom was too busy to teach us how to style our hair or care about social graces. When they got older, my sisters began to dress well and care for their hair and nails. But I had no interest in my appearance. With significant emotional healing, Father God has inspired in me an interest for my appearance.

Meditation brings revelation and revelation brings manifestation. All my life I have yearned for an intimate relationship with my precious Lord but didn’t know how to breach the barrier. He came to me in the night one night, as I related early in this blog, and changed my life forever. FEBRUARY 25, 2017  Yes, I was a strong believer. Was a teacher of English in China for more than a decade. Was an intercessor and active in deliverance. But my heart was hungry for love. I knew God was with me but I wanted far more than His authority!

I had no idea I had alternate personalities! But His sweet presence revealed things inside of me that I would not have imagined. He could reveal those things because He had the answers – healing and intimacy that I had ached for. Everything He has lead me through has been done just by His grace and mercy with no human counselors. And it has happened relatively quickly – since this past October, 2016. When I felt overwhelmed I simply asked for the Holy Spirit to strengthen my determination to obtain what I knew He had for me. Go back into the archives and read my journey for yourself. No matter how hungry you are, you will never deplete His resources – He is limitless and gracious.

Start your own journey with the infinite Holy One and discover His goodness and boundless riches. He is Love and you were created to revel in His Love. Focus on Him. Saturate yourself and the dry thirsty ground around you with His glory and Love.

Some helpful sources:  How to pray for/minister to fragmented persons

Receive short inspirational quotes every second day (the best of the best) from the website. See <> for details.

For facebook go to

This is a huge Christian site with lots of easy to read information concerning DID as well as other issues. The site owner offers free counseling. Stimulating, compassionate and sometimes hilarious pages for Christians. Includes top, full length books, free to Internet users! <> The Shining Man with Hurt Hands is also available as a free download in PDF. This book was my introduction to multiple personalities and fascinated me. Little did I realize at the time I was reading this book that I also had alters!


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