Intercessory Worship

Rather than confront the principalities and powers directly, G.s and I decided to sing praises and declare in song that Jesus is Lord.  Sometimes it would take an hour to punch a hole through the lowering dark clouds into the Lord’s presence.  Mr. and Mrs. G. and I  met every Wednesday at 4:30pm for praise and worship.  All three of us were musicians, so we sang our prayers.  If we had an unusually bad day we got together of an evening to sing which drove the enemy away. Hotel officials were horrified that we were singing!  But we kept it up and the oppression would lift.  If we neglected the weekly sing, quarrels among us, fear and oppression crescendoed noticeably.

Music in praise and worship is not optional.  A vertical focus is critical to spiritual, physical and psychological vitality.  The joy of the Lord in praise produces a balanced, sound faith in God’s sovereignty over the powers of darkness.  It also instills a holy boldness to speak out in Jesus’ name whether the opportunities seem to be convenient or not (II Tim. 4:1-5).  What a privilege to be one of God’s intercessory missionaries!

Missionary Intercessor

I can still see her with her head bowed almost to her lap.  “I thought you mature than that!”  And she seemed ready to weep over her perception that I feared this city and this province.  Another time, as I was talking to a lady about our area, she commented, “I didn’t mean to make you cry.”  I knew that she had misunderstood my reaction to the spiritual climate of our city.  These comments were made by American  Christians who claimed to understand intercession and warfare prayer.  On the other hand, Christian brothers and sisters from other nations quickly sensed my deep concern for nations and their leaders.  When they asked, “Who are you?” they wanted to know my place in the Body of Christ.  My answer that I am called to intercessory prayer has promoted long-lasting, close relationships in which I have prayed covering for some bold activities in Jesus’ name.  This is the privilege of an intercessor.

Mediators with the Lord tend to be sensitive.  This may cause misunderstandings because one becomes focused in prayer and all else fades.  Serious intercessors tend to be spiritually perceptive and show a great deal of insight.  This discernment is used primarily for more effective prayer.  They tend to be quiet people who see and hear much but say little.

There are various kinds of intercessors.  All Christians are called to intercede for others, but those called to intercession pray for longer periods of time and more intensely over certain situations and people.  They generally have a deeper interest in the background of those places and individuals for which they plead.  Some intercessors travel from place to place, staying in one location for a short time while others may find work in an area and remain for longer periods.  The Lord may change one’s assignment from time to time.  The intensity and direction of an assignment may change, also.

God’s Troops

I had the privilege of meeting some to the intercessors who returned to the city where I was teaching to visit the area and find out who the present intercessors were.  One woman told of being lead here along with two other Christian missionary/teachers.  All three women became very ill with respiratory problems, so they went to Hong Kong to recover.  One of the other two finally returned to the States, too ill to continue teaching in China.  The second lady did not return to  their school but relocated within China.  Only the lady I met continued teaching in “her” city for an extended period as a strategic level prayer warrior.  I also met an elderly man and his wife who taught in this location for several years.  He bicycled all over the ancient city praying as he toured.  Nervous Chinese authorities warned him to restrict his riding to the immediate area of the university.  Nevertheless, he was not intimidated and persisted in the task appointed by his General.

What incredible love and commitment they showed.  It was an honor to bow my head as this elderly couple prayed for my courage and strength.  I’m grateful that the Lord in His mercy set me on a training course to prepare me for such intense warfare before sending me to this particular strategic place. Spiritual mapping, even if not complete, is critical to one’s effectiveness as an intercessor. For example, this city had a prison for political prisoners just a couple of blocks from the university where I taught. There was a military training facility located south of the business discrict and gunfire could be heard throughout the day with helecopters flying low oeverhead. There was a Bhudist temple not far from the university. The environment was filthy and tuberculosis was common. In fact, I contracted TB and have significant lung damage.

Understanding the need for identificational repentance, both from the perspective of foreign nations invading China and from the aspect of Chinese spilling Chinese blood, will bring brokenness to an intercessor. Though I have been retired for several years I still think of the individuals I met in China and even visit in the spirit occassionally.


Manipulating the Human Spirit

I have been concerned with some opinions related to manipulating the human spirit for the purpose of emotional healing. I’ve listened carefully to the videos and read the articles, and felt uncomfortable with the reasoning and conclusions. If I can manipulate my own spirit for healing, then I can bypass Jesus’ provision for healing through His precious blood. My manipulation can easily become an idol. Fortunately I found this article which answered my questions very specifically and hope you, my readers, will not be intimidated with the academic language. Sometimes understanding spiritual/ scientific concepts requires some thought but will spare you grief down the road if you are faithful to educate yourself.

The article this information is taken from is rather long, so I’ve tried to shorten it. The full text can be found at this link:                                      

Devilish Energy — An Operative Reality

If devilish (not to mention divine) supernatural energy is operative in the world (and Scriptures like II Thess. 2:7-9 compel us to affirm that it is), then it is not true that all energetic phenomena have a scientific explanation and are among those parts of God’s creation that we are to “take dominion” over. We therefore cannot afford to assume that all phenomena are spiritually safe for us to explore — even if certain good effects are associated with them (2 Cor. 11:14).9

What if the practice is not condemned by name in the Scriptures (a point Kline makes in defense of acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, and “most” holistic health practices10)? If it can be shown to be a part of or intrinsically related to something that is specifically condemned (in this case, spiritism — Deut. 18:11), or if it tends to involve or encourage unbiblical (in this case, occultic) concepts or behavior, it should still be avoided (1 Thess. 5:22).

I recognize that in matters of discernment such as these — where a practice is not specifically named in Scripture — a Christian’s judgment cannot always be foolproof. It could be that a concept or practice we currently consider occultic will later be shown to be scientific. But if after careful, objective examination of the available evidence something appears to be occultic, we do well to avoid it. This is prudence, not closed-mindedness or paranoia.

Pagan/Occult Connections

While bioenergy has resisted the scrutiny of hard science, it is not difficult to classify it in terms of the sociological setting in which it has historically appeared: it is a fundamental feature of spiritistic paganism. Parapsychologist Thelma Moss, who has extensively researched healing energies, provides a few examples: “Is there a common thread that can be discerned through these various phenomena of healing? I believe so. The Hindus call it ‘prana,’ the Hawaiians ‘mana,’ the Chinese ‘chi,’ and Hippocrates called it the ‘heat oozing out of my hand.’ Mesmer ‘animal magnetism,’ and Quimby ‘mind force.’ I believe they were all referring to the same invisible energy.”15

Wherever it has appeared — in ancient paganism, modern occultism, or parapsychological research — this “life force” has been accompanied by altered states of consciousness, psychic phenomena, and contact with spirits.16 Additionally, those who are capable of perceiving, and adept at manipulating, this force invariably are shamans (e.g., witch doctors), “sensitives,” or psychics, thoroughly immersed in the pagan/occult world.17

In the New Age movement today bioenergy theory operates within the context of pantheism: all reality is God, God is impersonal but conscious energy; therefore, all reality is a manifestation of spiritual energy. And if this energy can be released man will be both healed and mystically enlightened to his true divinity. The actual manifestations of this energy (e.g., healings) have convinced many that New Age pantheism must be true (which provides us with a motive for satanic forces to manifest such healings).

Furthermore, the energy system models used to explain these therapies — which Kline himself defends (the meridians of acupuncture, the seven chakras [psychic centers] of yoga, the auras of occultism) — are all imbedded in world views that are intrinsically pagan and antagonistic to Christianity.18 Their intricate structures, and laws are directly related to religious concepts and are not even remotely related to physical science. It simply will not do to say (as many Christians besides Kline have) that these systems are true aspects of God’s creation that were discovered and accurately described or diagrammed, but not accurately interpreted, by pagans.19

It would appear that Christians are doomed to failure when they attempt to fit the vital energy of energetic medicine into a Christian context. Yes, there are energies which radiate throughout the universe and permeate and surround our physical bodies, and there are respects in which these energies are significant to health and health care.27 But they are physical, not vital, forces. Yes, there is a “vital force” which animates our bodies, but this is localized within our souls. It is not a cosmic energy that flows into our bodies, passes through various channels (e.g., meridians, chakras), and then flows back out into the universe. Thus, it cannot be obstructed; nor is there a need to “release” or “balance” it.

The idea that the universe is energy, that this energy is alive, and that this vital energy needs to be manipulated in our bodies to promote health is the basis of energetic medicine; it is essentially a pantheistic view and cannot be conformed to biblical theology. Pantheistic vitalism — since it makes no radical distinctions between spirit and matter — can have applications to health care. A biblical vitalism (if we may use the term) cannot.

Once these various concepts are sorted out we find no solid reason to believe that the energy of energetic medicine is physical and scientific, but several good reasons to strongly suspect that if it exists at all (and I believe it does), it is supernatural and demonic. The risk is great, therefore, that it cannot be utilized without the utilizer becoming the utilized (i.e., a pawn and victim of satanic forces and deception). In fact, my wide-ranging research of occultism emboldens me to suggest that this energy is part and parcel of the occult — where the occult appears, it can be found; where it is found, the occult will inevitably appear.

All that has really been proven so far, however, is that Bible-believing Christians can attempt to utilize this energy within a nonoccultic context. If this energy is inherently occultic (and thus demonic) then all their good intentions will not prevent Christians involved with it from becoming confused and compromised. Continued involvement could gradually lead to further involvement with the occult, and the deterioration of Christian faith and life. I am aware of cases where this scenario has indeed been lived out, and I find no assurance that the same will not ultimately hold true for all who become deeply involved with this energy. If the practice is occultic, then Kline’s advice to “seek committed Christian practitioners”28 will not suffice.

The concern of evangelicals like myself is rather the clear-cut historic connection between this unvalidated “science” and spiritistic paganism.

Christians who believe in the supreme authority of Scripture must also believe in the biblical doctrine of Satan and his pervasive influence in this present world system. If “the whole world lies in the power of the evil one” (1 John 5:19), how much more the kingdom of the occult, his unique domain! Thus Christians have every reason to be cautious concerning phenomena that have had a long and strong connection to the realm of occultism and paganism.

Please find full text and all references  at:



Catholics in China

When I first arrived in J. I met an elderly Irishman that I felt drawn to, although he certainly did nothing to encourage me.  After a year of teaching at another less hospitable college, he came to the university where I was teaching and lived across the hall from me.  But he still wasn’t friendly.  During a trip to Hong Kong I discovered that he was a Catholic priest-missionary.  There weren’t many foreigners in J., possibly two dozen, mostly believers, so we tried to meet once a week for worship. I remember once that my neighbor offered communion to a mixed group including Protestants and several Chinese students, contrary to Catholic rules.  The Chinese students were asked to refrain from taking the body and blood but then violated their promise and my neighbor was horrified.  I understood his feelings of defilement although the Chinese were merely curious.  After that, no Chinese visitors were welcomed into the foreigners’ fellowship.  In fact, it was dangerous to meet in a mixed group because the authorities interrogated Chinese who attended mixed meetings for additional names. Thus, I made it a practice to avoid meetings where Chinese were invited to join expat Christians.

There was a Catholic Church about a block from the foreigners’ compound. The university property had once belonged to German Catholics and was confiscated and divided up during the Great Cultural Revolution.  At the close of the Cultural Revolution the property was made a university but the church was assigned to the Three-Self (indigenous) Church.  At Easter and Christmas our students begged their foreign teachers to take them to the services.  There were guards at the gates to keep students from entering and some students had been arrested previously, so we refused and went a step further by absenting ourselves from the services.  The students understood this as a nonviolent protest and were pleased.  When we did go to Three-Self services we were watched closely to note those Chinese believers we talked to, and often, later, those individuals were taken to police headquarters for interrogation.  This was too much for me to bear, so I stopped attending public Chinese church services.

In September of 1990 I returned to China because few Westerners wished to teach there after the Massacre, and teachers of English were desperately needed.  My elderly Catholic neighbor had never left.  Students admired him because he ran on the athletic track every morning before classes and was in excellent health even though he must have been in his eighties.

Late on a May night in 1991, one of the campus student organizers for the demonstrations knocked on my door and we went for a walk – the only way to prevent eavesdropping.  He was a senior, but the university authorities had expelled him that day and required him to return to his village immediately that night, without graduating.  He had been imprisoned for one year after the Massacre, and then allowed to join his classmates for his last year in school because it was an excellent way to keep him under surveillance.  His classmates were only too happy to report his comings and goings as a way of vindicating themselves for their 1989 indiscretions.  This was a common strategy to isolate political trouble-makers.

Tears silently flowed down his face onto his shirt as we walked.  His life would be worth little with no degree, and he would be confined to his village the rest of his life.  (Documents to travel were required at that time, even between neighboring villages.)  I expressed my admiration for his courageous leadership and brilliant organization of the rotating groups of students assigned to march, educate the workers, and travel to other places with their message.

When we parted I was in such a state of anguish I knocked on my neighbor’s door.  It must have been around 11pm by then and he very reluctantly admitted me.  I struggled to maintain composure to relate what had just happened, and my neighbor listened with compassionate concern.  He prayed with me and promised to continue to pray for this precious young man.  How thankful I was for this unobtrusive, gentle man.


Mary Crashed

While in China I had the privilege of working in deliverance and loved it. The thing of it was that I never asked for that opportunity. I was sought out by individuals I didn’t know and I had no idea why they came to me for help.

The midweek meetings when I taught in Beijing were the highlight of each week because we met in small groups of our own choice. My prayer partner was the wife of a diplomat and their apartment was commodious so they held a meeting in their home. The gathering could be noisy so it was my habit to go to the kitchen to be quiet before the meeting. A bedraggled young woman whom I didn’t know started attending and she came early to search through the rooms until she found me. She didn’t talk much but followed me like a puppy. I knew she was demonized but didn’t have permission to address that, until one evening she asked if I could take her through deliverance. I was cautious and asked my prayer partner if she would join me and we could meet in her apartment. She agreed so the appointment was set up.

When I came to meet with Candy, my partner, I brought her a book by Rebecca Brown, MD, He Came to Set the Captives Free, which she put on the sideboard to look at later. Mary came and we sat on the floor together to seek the Lord for His will. I heard very clearly that there was to be no deliverance. Candy also heard the same. So we tried to explain to Mary that the Lord wouldn’t let us do any deliverance but that He loved her very much. Candy had some oil so Mary asked if she could have some on her finger. Then she needed to use the restroom. When she came back into the room we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

Candy and her husband had a social engagement that evening and took their two little girls with them. While they were out their apartment caught fire and everything was a total loss. There were no fire stations in Beijing. The fire was so hot that the bed frames melted. The family was moved to a much smaller apartment so there were no more meetings in their home.

I was not invited to the burned out apartment to see the damage for one whole year but I finally asked to see the damage.  The Chinese workmen were afraid to enter because they felt an evil present there. I walked through the trashed apartment looking carefully for – I didn’t know what. Finally I noticed a swipe of oil on the door frame across from the bathroom, so I knew what took place! Candy and I prayed together to drive out the evil and within the week workmen came to rebuild the destroyed apartment.

Meantime, Mary crashed and had to taken to a psychiatric hospital. She had two young children so another member of the Beijing International Christian Fellowship went to Mary’s home to get the children and happened to find the book I had loaned to Candy. It had my name in it so the assumption was that I gave Mary the book.

It turns out Mary was deeply involved in Satan worship, and I had heard the Holy Spirit correctly to NOT do deliverance. But most of the Fellowship was up in arms because they considered that I had precipitated the crash and there was talk of having me sued. How could I be so foolish as to give Mary such a book? I shouldn’t be reading such foolishness, much less give it to a demonized person!!! My prayer partner was the only one to know the truth but she was silent.

One of the religious police set up a meeting with Candy in Candy’s apartment to confront me, and Candy  just let the woman castigate and threaten me with no attempt to set the record straight. At that time (late 1990s) I had no idea about SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and didn’t understand what happened or why. Thank goodness I knew God’s voice! There were others who had “a word” for me, none of it positive, but in my heart I knew I had done nothing wrong.

Only now, years later, do I understand what happened. Did I do deliverances after that? Yes. I knew God’s heart for freeing people from bondages. And I have never been overly concerned with what the religious police might think.

Everybody knows Americans don’t have demons, so since coming home from China in 2002 I have had a hard time going to church, probably because I have a taste for high (spiritual) adventure. Until this past year I have withered on the vine. I am so thankful for my heavenly Father’s soverign move back into my life. He has promised me that I will still bear fruit even to old age and that is happening. Having been out of any spiritual action for about 15 years, this major emotional healing experience of the past year has helped to whet my appetite for more of Him. Discovering the intricacies of my own soul  makes me willing to look to the precious Holy Spirit for detailed guidance, acknowledging my need of Him as I reach out to others.



Abuse By Neglect

Incomplete Immune and Neurological Systems

Healing is not an accurate term for the restoration of an incomplete  immune system or neurological system. Immune systems and neurological systems continue to develop after birth for up to 18 months, but fail to develop through parental neglect to bond with the infant. It would be more nearly correct to ask for a creative miracle in such a case. If a child were born with only one hand, the healer would not pray for the missing hand to be healed; he would pray for a new hand. So should the healer pray for a person with an incomplete immune or neurological system to be restored as God originally intended.

Several situations where a compromised immune system needs creative restoration:

  • Failure of the infant to bond with parents through parental neglect. Normal growth fails to take place in the brain which is only partially complete at birth.
  • Severe prenatal and infant trauma
  • High level, long-term stress such as war, severe illness, abuse
  • Toxic food and drink: unregulated food additives, pharmaceuticals, genetically modified crops (GMOs), water treatment plants introducing toxic chemicals into our drinking water, etc.

Jesus healed every sickness and disease, cast out devils. But He also restored blind eyes and deaf ears; people who could not speak spoke after Jesus touched them. He raised the dead and restored withered limbs.  Then He commissioned His followers to do the same. After He returned to Heaven His followers continued doing God’s work on earth. We are coming into a very exciting time rivaling those first disciples and their works, but we have yet to see creative miracles taking place to the degree we need them and that we long for.

There is a horrifying increase in occultic abuse of children and the blood sacrifices of prenatal and new-born infants from mothers that no one knew were pregnant. Children who survive these horrors have wounds that extend into the very core of their souls and desperately need healing. But the healing needs to be of the whole person – body, mind, will, and emotions – not just one aspect of their persons. In most cases that will entail healing of parts so wounded that creative miracles are necessary for restoration and normal, healthy life.

As soon as a new mother is able she goes back to work, leaving the infant in day care. With whom does the baby bond? Especially in the American culture, a baby is often left to cry when he/she needs changing or feeding, etc. Instead of teaching the baby to be tough, it teaches the baby that those who should care, do not. He/She feels abandoned. Parents cannot be trusted. Normal development is arrested. This is abuse by neglect.

Did you know there are day care facilities that actively participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse? The child may not have verbal ability to express his/her trauma and appears to be poorly adjusted by busy, distracted parents. If a child is successful in getting to kindergarten without experiencing trauma, he/she will probably have that experience in school as schools presently operate.

Even among adults there is a high incidence of PTSD and panic attacks, anxiety, failure to thrive from stress and illness. The human body was not intended to bear the intensity of stress we are experiencing.

We desperately need more believers who are anointed with gifts of healings, signs and wonders, and miracles. Dissociation is becoming increasingly common as are neurological issues such as Parkinson’s Disease, diabetes and neuropathy, etc. Unfortunately, our medical professionals don’t recognize the increase or the symptoms, and if they do, they don’t know how to deal with healing and repairing the damage. They lack the tools to work with.

As the Praying Medic has mentioned in a recent podcast (, healing is the casting out of something. In contrast, the repair of incomplete development of the immune or neurological system requires power to regenerate and/or bring to life something that doesn’t exist. Jesus restored a man’s withered hand. That was not a healing; it was a miracle requiring power. In Acts chapter 3 a man born lame, who was now 40 years old, was “healed” by Peter and John. Bones and muscles that had not developed were restored and the man leaped up praising God.

Ask God for the power to bring to life those parts of the human body needing restoration and new life. His power is so desperately needed.

Understand that God’s power and authority are based on a relationship with Him and are not given indiscriminately.

Hebrews 2:4 says (this great salvation) was established and plainly endorsed by God

Who showed His approval of it by signs and wonders

and various miraculous manifestations of His power

and by imparting the gifts of the Holy Spirit

to believers according to His own will.


A young American by the name of Chris taught English as a second language.  During the summer Chris had married a Chinese young lady who spoke no English.  Although Chris spoke, read and wrote Mandarin, his wife was a complicated Hangzhou beauty and he had a hard time understanding her way of thinking based on generations of feminine oppression, so hesitantly he came to ask me questions about women in general.

Chris clearly loved his wife and she had the power to bring him to his knees.  Wang refused to cook, so Chris bought food off the street or in the foreign teachers’ dining room.  Often the steamed buns he left on the table would come up missing and he couldn’t understand why she would throw them out.  She refused to keep the apartment clean, so he hired the two cleaning ladies approved by the weiban (Foreign Affairs Office, an extension of the Public Security Bureau) to clean once a week.  These ladies cleaned all our apartments irregularly, although cleaning was not their specific purpose.  They were generally peasants with an intense loyalty to the Party whose primary purpose was to search our personal effects for sensitive documents; after all, foreigners were all spies.  Nevertheless, Chris had nothing to conceal.  In July before we were to go home, Chris was gathering luggage from the back room and discovered several plates of steamed buns in the storage room, turned to stone.  Wang  was as stymied as Chris was.  The only credible conclusion we could come to was that the Mainlanders, who despise mixed marriages, had tried to create friction between Chris and his new wife.

Chris had a philosophical bent and I enjoyed our conversations that sometimes lasted all afternoon.  He told me he was a member of the West Coast Hell’s Angels, a tough guy who carried chains, brass knucks, and a big chip on his shoulder.  He told me his mother was a Lutheran and a religious fanatic, so he was anti-Christian and a liberal Democrat.  Chris believed there were no absolutes in human life, so I asked if he were willing to share his wife, with other men.  Was it alright if some stranger stole her?  (Kidnapping of women is still practiced in remote regions of China.)  Why is stealing wrong, or lying, or murder?  He turned red when we talked about solutions to political problems although he didn’t swear and wasn’t disrespectful of me.  Slowly we came to trust each other’s integrity in spite of our disagreements on major issues.  Chris had a degree in History and was analytical in his approach to social and political problems.  I respected his ideas and offered logical opposition with biblical absolutes, for example, to abortion, socialism, evolution.  If I made sense to him he was honest enough to acknowledge it.

One evening Chris and I were hotly debating some issue when several of my Chinese students came to visit.  Chris wouldn’t be distracted by their presence and continued the heated discussion to press his points home.  I answered in like spirit and my students’ heads were swiveling to follow the conversation.  After Chris left the students were excited that they had been allowed to listen to such a natural situation; their practice of English was limited to artificial conversations from their text books.   They commented that they couldn’t tell who was superior, either.  In Chinese culture the man should be honored, but the elder should be allowed to win a debate.  Truly the young man and the elderly woman were equals, they marveled.

“Chris, you make me think, and I like being challenged,” I commented one afternoon.  “I can’t conceive of you being a member of Hell’s Angels.  You are a good man and intellectually honest.  Also, you are kind.  That’s obvious because you are so in love with your wife and forgive her over and over for the cruel things she does to you.”

“You sound like my mother!” he snapped. “I would like to take my wife home to America but I don’t want her to become a religious fanatic like my Mom.”

“That’s not likely. Even if Wang were converted she still wouldn’t be like your mother because of cultural differences. Besides, you can step in and gently teach her to be honest and respectful in her faith.” Chris thought this over.

“You’re probably right,” he acknowledged.

His wife refused to go with him when Chris went home at the end of that school year, choosing instead, to go back to her father’s house.  He missed her and often wrote me scrawling letters to express his tender feelings and loneliness for her.  In one of his last letters, months after returning to the States, he was exuberant.  His wife had called his home while he was at work and told his mother that she was at the local airport.  Could Chris come to pick her up?  What a reunion that must have been.  The last I knew, his beloved wife was taking classes in English at a nearby college and they were getting better acquainted.

Three Parts of the Human Soul

Three Parts of the Mind

I asked Abba to reach into my unconscious mind to cast out demons that enabled blockages and then remove the blockages. To heal all the wounds I can’t access. And recreate where necessary. I hadn’t realized the significance of failure to bond with my mother so I asked the Holy Spirit to bond with me. He came so tenderly it brought tears to my eyes with His sweet, gentle love and peace. What an awesome Lord He is!!!

An alter, the “Prostitute”, came to tell Jesus she loved Him back in June and I was embarrassed by her. She had been falsely accused by hyper-zealous Christians in my early days so my Guardian put her in a marble jail. After the Guardian was converted I decided to let her out of confinement and as she stepped out of the marble jail she was about the size of a Barbie Doll. I blessed her and prayed over her and she grew taller until she was adult size. She had on a red dress and spike red heels – dressed to the teeth! She immediately went to Jesus. They embraced like they had known each other for years as  jealously I watched. As they stood in each other’s arms, her red dress changed to a white robe. I asked if she would integrate with me and she said not just now; she wanted to spend a little more time with Jesus first. I never saw her again because we integrated naturally as I fell out of agreement with the lies and false accusations that had lodged deep in my unconscious mind. At the time I couldn’t understand who she was although the Holy Spirit told me she was quite competent in all she chose to undertake. He seemed to admire her but I was mystified. Now I understand that she was part of my Functional mind in the unconscious.

The functional part of the soul is the mind. The mind has three parts: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The conscious mind is awareness, how we go through the day. The subconscious mind is the repository for the memory. And the unconscious mind holds beliefs and patterns of thought and behavior. Included in the unconscious mind are automatic skills (playing the piano), thoughts and habits, automatic reactions (such as immediate anger when surprised); complexes (inferiority), phobias (fear of heights),  repressed feelings, subliminal perceptions, desires.

There is no easy access to the unconscious mind except through dreams and rare flashes of memory. Also in the unconscious mind is bonding or lack of bonding of the infant to the parents, especially the  mother. This bonding enables happiness in the infant and the ability to socialize with confidence. It is also responsible for a healthy immune system and neurological system because the new-born hasn’t fully developed physiologically yet.

According to HeartSync ( there are two types of trauma. One is the absence of care necessary for normal infant development (neglect). The other is various kinds of abuse that wound the inner being of the victim.

The Original Self is under the three parts of the human soul. Below, the three parts are described  briefly. The goal is to communicate value to each part of the person, including dysfunctional qualities. Recognize that the dysfunction (anger, hatred, denial, confusion, etc.) is there for a reason.  Taken from HeartSync Week 2 slide set, # 17-19, 22

Failure to bond has life-long repercussions:

  • compromised immune system        
  • inability to socialize
  • complexes
  • depression          


3 parts of the soul

Russian Expats in China

The expatriates I met in China were a study in human nature and I enjoyed getting acquainted with people from many other nations of the world, particularly in Beijing where embassies are located and about 200,000 foreigners live.  The significant foreign population is worrisome to Chinese officials who try to keep a firm hand on all they do, especially as regards the Beijing International Christian Fellowship and mid-week fellowship  groups.  When I first visited BICF in the mid1980s one could walk in freely.  Even Chinese could enter the meetings although if someone were caught, both the guest and the host were in trouble.  Eventually, with attendance hovering at 2,000 on Sunday mornings, those entering the huge meeting hall were required to show their passports because Koreans, Taiwanese, Japanese and Southeast Asians could not be so easily identified as Caucasians and Africans.

                                        A Russian Scientist

Before the end of the Cold War I met several Russian scientists at universities where I taught English as a second language.  The Soviet Union is a vast area including many ethnic groups and I was charmed by their graciousness; they were good ambassadors for their country.  Of course, I was mindful of their Communist ideology and tried to be respectful if someone were unwilling to answer a question, for I was a “question box,” full of curiosity.

In my first assignment there were two Russian scientists.  Universities are where scientific research is conducted, so foreign guests are carefully watched.  Nevertheless, I was extremely curious about A. and his teammate who played the piano.  The piano player was from the Baltic Sea area, dark skinned and hot tempered, so I learned to leave him to his after dinner music.  A. was from Moscow and had a sunny disposition.  His skill at acquiring languages was astonishing.  Only a few weeks after the term began, when the Foreign Affairs Office took us to see nearby places of interest, A. would step off our bus and converse with passing Chinese on the streets.  He wanted to learn English and asked me to tutor him so I willingly agreed and was in awe of his ability to pick up idioms and proverbs, which make language more natural.

On Russia’s National Day the two men held a celebration for the foreign teachers after dinner.  A’s .part was to recite a Walter Mitty essay in English although he didn’t understand all the words.  His dramatic recitation was incredible – we appreciated his effort to speak to us in our language after studying only a few months – and clapped wildly when he finished.  He didn’t expect our enthusiasm to be so exuberant.

“I say something wrong?” he inquired.

“No, no,” we wailed in tears.  “You were wonderful!”  A. burst into a smile.

After leaving that university I kept in touch with A. who eventually returned to Moscow.  The last I heard from him his mother had died and he was too devastated with grief to write.


At a different university there were a number of Russian students studying Chinese and a lady who taught the Russian language.  We knew Tatyana to be the “party whip” to keep the students from straying into the American camp.  Tatyana was a personable woman and we Americans enjoyed including her in our get-togethers, but we knew from the Russian students that she could be harsh when one of them exceeded his boundaries.  In fact, one of the beginning American teachers in our compound made frequent trips to Beijing with one of the Russian students to sleep together.  The youthful American commented that the Chinese were very reluctant to rent a room to them because they weren’t married and were racially different.  The two decided to get married in China hoping that international law would allow the young man to immigrate to America as her husband.  When I last heard, they were not having much luck in getting him a visa.

                                        Another Russian Friend

After the Wall came down in Berlin, the Russians in China were much more relaxed.  B. lived across the hall from me.  She was about my age and height, with a heavy limp.  During a volley ball game years ago she had fallen and dislocated her hip but didn’t receive proper care.  We went out often as tourists to see many attractions and her stamina was admirable, but she longed to recover a natural walk.

“Joyce, I have this experimental medicine.  Will you give me injections?”

“Yes, I would be glad to, but I’d like a nurse to show me the proper procedure.  Also, have you considered the quality of the needles?  I’ve heard that Chinese-made needles are very poor quality and could cause inflammation if the series of shots will be long.”

I located a Chinese nurse who taught me the procedure. I had worked as a medical technologist in the lab of a teaching hospital in the States and already knew how to draw blood, so injections were a piece of cake. The only problem was an occasional bad needle that made B.  scream with pain.  The medicine didn’t seem to make any difference but B. felt she was doing something to help herself.