A Lesson in Binding and Loosing

A Spirit-filled friend and I were chatting the other day when she said she knew how to solve a problem we were discussing. Binding and loosing was her solution. I suggested that binding and loosing in someone else’s life was not a quick answer to a problem. Let me explain.

Binding and loosing is often used in deliverance from evil entities. If evil spirits are cast out without the host’s permission, they can come back with seven friends; thus, the last case is worse than the original situation. If the person to be delivered is a child, the parents need to give permission because they will be responsible for keeping the child free. Even when permission is given in these situations, there will be a period of testing as the demon(s) attempt to reenter the host.

There is no short cut to freedom from harassing demons. Prayers and intercession are necessary and sometimes fasting, as well, to get free. In difficult cases where I do not have permission to cast out demons, I have found it useful to bind and gag the entities to weaken their influence as I continue to pray and fast for the person being tormented. Binding will last only for a period of time, however. As the evil influence declines, the host person can realize the change and make a choice to have those entities cast out.

Just as we are all different, we will have different approaches to deliverance. In China I had the privilege of helping Christians get free of such torment, but choosing a place to do this was difficult. That is, many foreigners’ apartments were bugged. In one case the young woman who wanted deliverance chose a very large, busy restaurant where we would not stand out. Before the prayer for deliverance I forbade the demon(s) to manifest in any way. Then we prayed and the deliverance was silent but the lifting of the young woman’s spirit was obvious.

Sometimes the problem is not a demon at all. In another case, the young woman had mini-seizures and had asked a pastor and his wife to pray deliverance for her. She also asked me to come as an intercessor and I discerned that the seizures were a physical condition and not demonic. But the pastor and his wife persisted in praying deliverance for her as her body twitched. I felt sorry for her and prayed that she would not experience harm from the experience.

The spiritual tools we have been given as part of our inheritance are powerful and must be used with compassion and respect for the recipients. How did Jesus do it? He was so kind and patient and gentle. He is deeply respectful of our wishes, too. Even though He sees that deliverance is needed, He will wait until the individual is willing and able to maintain their new freedom. He is never pushy or eager to show His power. He doesn’t have anything to prove: He IS God!

Is There Anything too Hard for the Lord?

I have read a couple of references recently to intercession for cities and regions being the task of corporate believers. I can understand that pastors/leaders want Christians to come together for intensive prayers for their cities. On the other hand this teaching cannot be borne out in Scripture and is a strong discouragement to burdened intercessors who have no opportunity for corporate fellowship. For example, I live in a small town in the American Midwest with a state university. There are a number of churches here but they mostly believe in “sinning  religion”. Those with a broader scope of who God is have fellowship groups that eat and play together, but I don’t know of any prayer meetings or in-home prayer groups. To my knowledge there are no pastors with a presence in the town or county or region. Does this mean I do not have authority as an intercessor to pray for revival here?

Did you know in God’s governmental hierarchy there is an angel assigned to each city, county and region? Is it possible for only one person praying for a town to cause the Lord to activate that appointed angel? Did God honor Daniel’s prayers for his people? Did God hear and honor Ezekiel’s intercession? Or Isaiah’s or Jeremiah’s?

I know what it’s like to join others in intercession for a city and a nation. When I was in China for a decade I had the privilege of praying with others for the city we lived in and that nation. Corporate agreement is awesome and unbreakable love bonds are created. Any backlash to our prayers was borne corporately, as well.

But now that I’m home and deeply concerned for my hometown and this area, am I to remain silent because I am a solitary intercessor? I have gathered my energies to pray for this area with fasting, and to my awe I realize that the Holy Spirit is hiding me from the enemy. When there is backlash it is filtered by my omnipotent Lord. For example, I needed some fabric for a quilt in-the-making and went to the local quilt shop. It happened that the owner waited on me although it was obvious she didn’t want to but her other clerks were occupied. I bought fabric and left quickly. To my surprise, that evening I had a visitor: in the spirit the quilt shop owner came to visit. She stayed quite awhile, but when I started getting ready for bed I told her to leave and not come back and she immediately left and has not returned.

I’ve had occasion to need more quilting fabric and once again the clerks were busy so the owner had to help me. This time she took the fabric to a busy clerk and told her I needed help. I smiled deep inside because I understood her discomfort. Am I afraid? Nope! Cautious, respectful, but not afraid.

Recently the university LGBT group rented a room at the city building for a meet-and-greet. I was appalled that there could be a marriage of sexual perversion with civic government and fasted and prayed that the precious Holy Spirit would visit the city building that day with searing, beautiful Light purity and godly Love, that even the employees would know they had a holy Visitor. The next morning I observed my personal angel conversing with another large angel I had not seen before and I believe God activated that angel-general because of my petitions. The evil ruler over the city was upset and came seeking me out. I experienced some mental fog but it couldn’t prevail, for darkness cannot overcome the Light. I enjoy working with the Holy Spirit wherever I may be. He is untamed (has no collar and leash) and unpredictable but ALWAYS in control.

Any intercessors reading this blog post, be encouraged to do what God the Holy Spirit tells you to do. If there is no one to stand with you, God the Creator of all things is more than able to cover you and keep you safe. Yes, it’s warfare; however, God is always faithful wherever He may send you and whatever He may ask you to do.

Genesis 18:14a (AMP) Is anything too difficult or too wonderful for the Lord?”

Jeremiah 32:17 (AMP) ‘Ah Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! There is nothing too difficult or too wonderful for You—

Jeremiah 32:27 (AMP) “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is there anything too difficult for Me?”

Luke 18:27 (AMP) But He said, “The things that are impossible with people are possible with God.”