A Valuable Lesson

As a single professional woman all my life I have never had enough money to adequately take care of myself. As a result I have always managed my money carefully. That skill is a blessing, but there is another side to that because I am a Jesus-follower and make a practice of giving offerings from every pay check. The Lord has been pleased with my open-handedness, but now that I am a senior on a fixed income I sometimes have needs that must go unmet.

As I watch Christian teachers on You Tube they talk about taking risks, most often in regard to stepping out to heal people but in traveling, and other ways, too. Risks in asking to pray for someone’s healing I can handle, but I don’t think making an air plane reservation without a credit card would work. Nevertheless, I’ve learned something. The Lord loves investors!

For sometime I have yearned to get training as an abuse counselor. The problem was a lack of money. Then someone gave me enough money to provide the first steps in DID (dissociative identity disorder) training. I only hesitated a moment before ordering the necessary books and CDs. This was money I would have kept back for paying my car license and insurance, and my phone. But when I stepped out to invest in the training I felt such an inner joy; I knew the sweet Holy One was pleased with my willing investment.

I quilt as a hobby and I have a green thumb, raising begonias in my north-facing apartment. My sewing machine must weigh forty pounds because it is all metal and about seventy years old. And my plants get leggy because of the lack of light during the long winter months.

This past week I noticed a large yard sale advertised in the local newspaper so I made a point of going. There was a computerized sewing machine there marked $20 and $20 was what I had in my purse, so I bought it. The owner gave me her name and phone number, and she worked only two blocks from my apartment building. She must have sensed that I had little money because she kept her eye on me and when I was ready to pay for my purchases, she paid for them! Enough filler for two quilts and two grow lights for my plants. Oh my goodness! I was so thrilled.

I thanked my beautiful Companion over and over and I knew He was as blessed as I was. He was the giver although the sewing machine owner was certainly an intermediary. And I was a surprised but greatly blessed receiver – I had not asked for a better sewing machine or for grow lights for my plants, but the precious Holy Spirit knew.

This beautiful incident reminds me of a parable in Matthew 25:14-30. The master planned to go on a long journey so he gave three of his servants each a talent of money. Two of the servants invested their money but the third servant buried his money in the back yard. When the master returned the first two men had earned more money with what the master had given them and were rewarded accordingly. The servant who buried his money to give back to the master was punished for his poor management.

Apparently the Lord has a purpose for me to get training to minister to DID survivors and because I chose to invest in obedience to His prompting, He is providing for me things that I need and even some that I would like to have. A valuable lesson taught by the Master Teacher.


















Excruciating Pain

Several years ago while I was teaching in China a friend asked me to come help her clean house. She heard men groaning and crying out in the night and couldn’t sleep. Asking around she discovered that the building she was living in had been erected over the site of an ancient prison.

A mutual Christian friend insisted on going with me. After the three of us had agreed on a procedure and had prayed together, we began commanding dark spirits to leave. Suddenly I had excruciating pain like a metal band around my head over my eyes. I couldn’t think and the pain was increasing till I was ready to scream. “Help me,” I plead but neither woman knew what to do. The American occupant of the apartment was a nurse and she was so moved by the unexpected conflict that she held me in her arms and prayed for mercy. The Lord heard and set me free of the attack.

Later, the troubled nurse asked me to come again but to avoid the third person who had invited herself; she was not “clean”. I managed to slip out of our teachers’ compound and return to the nurse’s apartment. Again we examined ourselves and began the process of housecleaning prayers. This time all went well and the nurse was able to sleep peacefully as long as she occupied the apartment in that building.

This incident came to mind recently since I have been working with a businessman who has been dealing with satanists in a business transaction  before realizing who his partners were. Our culture is saturated with evil and darkness. It behooves us to keep ourselves pure before a Holy God and Be who we say we are. The unseen realm certainly knows us in reality regardless of what our colleagues, friends and family may believe about us!

Romans 12:1-2 (NKJV) I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.





Breaking Covenants with Satan

For some time I have been dealing with horrific attacks by sex demons. Almost from the beginning of my journey of emotional healing I’ve had to be alert to their predatory behavior. I didn’t understand why they were so persistent but although I was vulnerable, the Holy Spirit has been my Defense with fiery jealousy, so I felt safe, watched over.

As time has passed the attacks have become more intense. I am becoming increasingly wise to their desire to kill, steal and destroy and have dealt with generational curses, especially regarding Freemasonry and immorality within the past four generations. Witchcraft and sexual perversion are known covenant renewing strategies and I have distanced myself from those defilements but repenting of personal and generational sin and iniquity didn’t seem to solve the problem. I haven’t been able to find what I was looking for until recently.

This past week I was reading a training manual for people in ministry to victims of satanic ritual abuse and discovered material with links to Internet articles  pointing backward through history to Charlemagne and the House of Windsor as the primary instigators of the Illuminati movement to control the world. Such people are very much alive today but I didn’t relate what I was experiencing with what I was reading about the Illuminati. The Druids, around that same period of history were making bloody human sacrifices and traumatizing women in violent abuse rituals (SRA – satanic ritual abuse) with the goal of mind control during which the women were impregnated with cultural rituals and secrets using trigger-passwords.

There is at least one direct line in my ancestry that goes back to the House of Windsor known to have taken part in Nazi ritual bloodshed and sexual perversion aimed at ruling the world. The light began to dawn on me that it’s time for my personal generation to renew it’s covenant with satan and he is frantic. The rituals and covenants actually go back very far. Some Bible research suggests as far back as Nimrod. Satan will lose power from the source of my family if he can’t persuade one of us to renew the covenant with him.

With the present censorship on the Internet it is hard to find reliable information, but with persistence it is possible. One such source can be found at www.eu.kanaanministries.org This is a South African site so the culture is different and some of the ways they express themselves are strange to Americans, but worth the effort to sort through. If you download the DID/SRA Advanced Training Manual (It can be read on-line or it’s free for the download) the author will have footnotes referring to other works with additional information. Another excellent resource is Restoration in Christ Ministries at www.rcm-usa.org RCM is a tax exempt ministry so their prices for materials are much lower than private, for profit ministries and they do offer limited counseling at lower rates though their primary purpose is to help people already in ministry to reach troubled individuals in their congregations. Both these sites have downloadable free prayers of renunciation and breaking of  satanic covenants.

As for me and mine, we are having a celebration this month upon breaking the bondage of satanic rituals in our generational lineage and being set free in spirit to worship our Lord as never before!