Church as God

Recently I visited a lady who wanted to hear stories of my years of teaching in China. So for two hours I told stories of God’s amazing goodness to me in a strange land. She was in tears and asked me to pray that she might have such an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit as I did, so I prayed for her and the sweet Presence settled near and precious. Then we made an appointment for me to return the coming evening. But when I knocked on her door the next evening she had forgotten I was coming and was occupied. She said she would phone me when she had time for another session.

The Holy Spirit had already told me that she would be listening to a lying spirit so I wasn’t taken unawares by her evasiveness, but I could feel the Spirit’s disappointment. I knew the lady’s church would never approve of her hunger and thirst for more of the Lord. Her church was her lord.

In a culture of loneliness, religion fills a gap. Social support systems are very important to humans. The attraction of the Spirit when two followers of Jesus meet is powerful but fellowship isn’t always possible because of physical distance between them. For example, I live in a rural area where there are no churches that encourage the kind of intimacy with Jesus and the sweet Spirit that I enjoy. Sometimes I feel like a flag pole on a hill – alone and abandoned. The Holy One knows my isolation, however, and He presses in close in an intimacy that I probably wouldn’t experience if Christian fellowship were present and rich.

Because of this isolation, pleasure with Jesus and the sweet Holy Spirit are deeply satisfying. One day as I was preparing the evening meal I smelled Gardenia. Gardenia?! In the kitchen where I’m cooking fish? I had done something to offend Jesus earlier in the day and was once more apologizing to Him when I smelled my favorite flower fragrance. He was saying: “Joyce, I love you. Stop the apologizing – I heard and forgive you – let’s get on with our friendship.” What a beautiful way for Him to express forgiveness.

Earlier this summer I was driving through a large city when I came upon major road construction with whole sections of the Interstate closed. I saw quite a few cars turn off onto a local street – so I followed them. Sure enough, they came out where I was hoping to go also. Again, I felt cared for because I had followed the small nudge of my intimate Friend.

Years ago when I sought and received the Holy Spirit baptism, my church was horrified. I chose Him over my church and have never been sorry or looked back. Jesus is truly Lord of my life and I love Him dearly. He is worthy of the sacrifice of things and people that have demanded loyalty but can never meet the deep needs of a hungry heart.

Denial of Abuse

Yesterday there was a wedding in my extended family. The groom was my sister’s grandson and she had so wanted to attend, but lived out of state and wasn’t able to come because of health issues. The Holy Spirit had impressed on me His concern for my sister and her children. I sensed an urgency and had been spending extra time in prayer for them. Before the ceremony I laid down for a nap and awoke later with tears flowing down my cheeks. My spirit had not been napping.

All of my sister’s children were present for the wedding and reception. As I was leaving the reception to come home, her eldest came to speak to me although we hadn’t had a conversation in many years. I was surprised and listened carefully to her spoken words and her unspoken fears.

I certainly understood what the daughter was trying to say. Individuals who have experienced heavy, ongoing abuse and are yet in denial suffer more than those who acknowledge the things that happened to them. As the ones in denial marry and have children, those children suffer soul and spirit pain  intensely without understanding why. So it is for my sister and her family.

Fear is a major tormentor in the system of the severely abused

I John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.

The abuse continues to travel down the generational line, especially in families in denial. I dealt with Fear early in my healing journey so I could relate to what my niece was trying to convey and was utterly thrilled that she was opening the door to conversation with me. The Holy Spirit knows how to gently open doors at the right time and I am grateful for His gentle, loving ways.

While others of my siblings have gained freedom from Freemasonry curses, this one remains in denial. Generational curses coming from Freemasonry are particularly vicious and tenacious and require godly motivation to drive them out. No matter how much persistence is necessary, never give up. Freedom from the defiling bondage of Freemasonry is well worth the effort.

There are free on-line prayers to break generational curses of Freemasonry and other secret societies at Restoration in Christ Ministries.



I had a flash experience Sunday night/Monday morning of the Holy Spirit and me with huge swords together fighting two monsters. This was not a dream or vision but reality in another dimension. The monsters were huge like dinosaurs. They had disproportionately large heads like tyrannosaurs – not demons which are relatively small. Later, I had the impression that these creatures were leaders over demons.

Mankind can bind demons but I don’t think we can bind these monsters. Instead, we are to ask the almighty God to deal with them as Daniel did in the Old Testament book by his name. Certain angels are designated warriors to fight and defeat them. In comparison. my personal angel is about 30 feet tall and wears armor on his feet and legs and gloves on his hands with cuffs up his arms. He has chain-link body armour but doesn’t wear it all the time. He is all yellow/gold including his hair and his skin and gown. His hair is short and deeply waved.

My personal angel has an angel-friend that is his match for size and beauty. Perhaps the friend is actually my angel’s superior. When I make certain decrees and ask Father God to dispatch angels to accomplish what I have decreed, sometimes I see the two angels together and sometimes my angel disappears by himself for several days – he has no consistent pattern.

The monsters are possibly shape-shifters and are the aliens people have seen associated with UFOs. They are huge and terrible-looking. Terrifying. I asked the Holy One why God placed mankind on an already inhabited earth with such evil creatures. Did He do that to prove His own infinite power and authority and fierce protectiveness of mankind? The Holy One didn’t answer, but the question doesn’t need an answer. I already see that Jesus paid the ultimate price for our salvation and the God-head watches over each human being with intense passion and smoking jealousy.

We are clay, weak and vulnerable, but the almighty Creator-God keeps us safe. As humanity becomes increasingly evil, God is allowing man to defile and eventually destroy himself by reaping what he has sown. Will that be the end of the human race? No, our redeemed spirits live forever and Jesus’ Blood is eternal. At some point the present dimensions will be destroyed in everlasting fire (II Peter 3:10) and redeemed mankind will be the basis of a new creation with Jesus and His Bride, His Father, and the awesome Holy Spirit being the nucleus of a family unit. Redeemed mankind will be endowed with creative powers as Kings and Priests (Rev. 5:10) to populate Infinity….

This is what I see now but in a year this knowledge will be replaced with further revelation.