Ancestral Memories

I have recently learned something about Dissociative Identity Disorder-Satanic Ritual Abuse (DID-SRA) memory that has turned my healing in God’s direction more joyfully. While I am a healed multiple, I have continued to have serious difficulty in relating to Jesus because He walked on earth as a Man. For the same reason I have not been close to Father-God. I understood that God was nothing like my cruel earthly father, and neither was Jesus like any earthly man. But I couldn’t relate to them.

As an adult professional, when there was a serious conflict with a man, I simply surrendered to him whatever he demanded. As an aside: the most serious conflicts with men in my adult life were religious leaders.

It seemed to me that my responses of fear and anger toward men I could not respect were out of proportion to whatever their offense, and I felt puzzled. Worse, I could only relate to God the Father and Son from a subtle distance that, of course, they were aware of.

I had done renunciation prayers of many kinds including ancestral bondages all of which were helpful. Then recently I heard someone mention generational memories and that struck a note. There were a number of articles on the Internet about memories in descendants of the horrors of prison camps of the Jews during World War II. There are studies of trauma that was passed to children and grandchildren of other traumatic situations such as 9/11.

One of my grandmothers was a first generation German-American Jew and I can remember her terror of being imprisoned. (Fear isn’t logical.) And in my genealogical research I remember finding one distant grandmother with three little children who abandoned her little ones, disappearing without a trace.  Knowing that family line, I came to the conclusion that she was so violently abused that she couldn’t stay in that home and ran away. But my memories were far more violent than those experiences and I had no explanation for them.

Finally, one day I was listening to a DID-SRA minister who commented that he had met some individuals who had very severe memories of past generations that hindered their spiritual growth and the Holy Spirit opened my spirit’s mind with a start to the sudden realization that this was my situation as well.

I quickly confessed the violent iniquities on behalf of my ancestral fathers and asked for their forgiveness. (Vengeance belongs to the Lord.) Then I asked the Lord to comfort and heal me on behalf of my generational mothers by restoring my DNA to His initial design. Already I sense a freedom in enjoying my heavenly Father and my beautiful Redeemer whose love beggars description. I am deeply grateful to the sacred Holy Spirit for revealing this to me so that I can continue to grow in intimacy with the beautiful Trinity. I never would have imagined that traumas from past centuries would show up in my life, and I am so thankful that I know the Triune God-head who knows all, who understands us, and cares to the point of death and resurrection to set us free to live as they intended from the beginning.

I include the references below so the reader can see what secular science has decided about ancestral memories, but from experience I can tell you that only Jesus can heal and restore such deep wounds that leach through our DNA to the present.