As an intercessor for nations, I like to pray from biblical events. Have you considered the Book of Esther? Putting this historical event into today’s culture, Esther and Mordecai would represent Christians (real ones!). Haman would represent the dedicated enemies of Christians, i.e. satanists, globalists, etc.

When Haman could no longer bear passing by Mordecai when he entered the king’s palace, he devised a plot to have Mordecai dishonored and put to death. Mordecai discovered the plot and appealed to Esther to come before the king in behalf of him and all Jews/Christians in the kingdom.

Esther and her maidens fasted three days before taking the risk of appearing before the king in behalf of the Jews/Christians. When she explained Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews/Christians, the king was outraged and allowed Esther and Mordecai to plan a response to the decree of the king to allow Jews/Christians to be killed. The king’s decrees could not be withdrawn, so there had to be a decree to allow the Jews/Christians to defend themselves. The hand of God visibly interposed to provide the Jews’/Christians’ deliverance.

The effect of the two antagonistic decrees was to raise a bloody war between the Jews/Christians and their enemies throughout the kingdom. The provincial governors were afraid of Mordecai and Esther and showed them favor. In today’s language we would say the fear of God fell on the people of the nation. The foundation of prayer and fasting enabled the Jews/Christians to have courage to resist evil and stand in defense of their faith in God. If they had been passive as most of today’s Christians are, they would have been destroyed! The fear of God is necessary if we are to honor God as our Lord.

Haman was hung on his own gallows and his sons, who had taken part in avenging their father’s fall, were killed during the Jews’/Christians’ defense. To expose the secret evil of Haman and his sons, the Jews/Christians hung their  dead bodies on gallows made for them, too. Plans made in secret will be shouted from the housetops (Luke 12:3). Thus Haman and his sons were exposed to public infamy. Future aggression was negated by this fear of God and His judgment for the persecution of His people.

Eventually Mordecai was exalted to the king’s next in line of authority. That is, the Jews/Christians took their rightful place as a major influence in the kingdom. Again, they were far from passive in their participation in their nation.

I see a couple of critical issues in this story. First of all, the Jews were not passive in their presence to honor and glorify their God and to respect the king. Secondly, they resisted evil; they did not submit to threats and real danger.

Judgment will begin at the House of the Lord (Ezekiel chapter 9). That is as true now as it was back then. We as professing Christians have been satisfied to hide and be free of responsibility, and today’s chaos is the result. We are to blame for America’s troubles. The antidote is the fear of God which must start with Christians before the unbelieving world will take note of our startling turn-around.

The world and the religious establishment hate Christians as much now as they did in Jesus’ day. They killed Jesus and they are attempting to wipe out Christianity today. Many Christians will deny their Lord and slip into hell, but there will always be a witness for Jesus because He is infinite. There is no wall high enough to shut Him out and there will be faith on the earth until He comes back to stop the clock. Why? Because He is able to keep that which true believers commit to Him. There is nothing too hard for Him. He is the infinite Creator God. Why should the Creator be afraid of what He has created? Satan wants to be lord, but he is only a created being. He will NEVER be lord. In fact, there is a Lake of Fire prepared for him and his minions. His apparent success is a mirage. Believe it!

One more comment: Jesus died for our enemies just as He died for those of us  who believe in Him. He has no desire to send anyone to hell. That’s why He created us with free will – so that we can choose Him freely. He willingly took the thief on the cross beside Him to Paradise when that thief asked to be remembered. So it is today – Jesus willingly forgives and rescues evil men and women who confess their sins and perversions and turn to a committed life with Him. Choose Jesus!

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