I am an older adult who got a very rocky start in life. I want to tell about my adventures in life but first I want to tell how it is ending lest you think it is ending badly.

I have a degree in Chemistry and K-12 School Administration. I have taught 15 years in three states in the Midwest and 12 years in various places in China, most recently in 2005.

I came home to retire and care for my mother in 2002 and she lived two years after I came home.I also opened a Christian Book Store and kept it until it began to be profitable, then sold it. Another time I opened an upholstery shop in my home which I kept for five years. Now that I’ve retired I have worked on family genealogy and have learned to quilt. I have also been a CNA when I came home from China for a couple of years to rest, and have done private care.

I have a strong faith that is the foundation of everything I do. If it had not been for my faith I probably wouldn’t be typing this.

If you would like prayer, please contact me.